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Our satisfied clients arrive at our doors from all manner of industries and business sectors, but they all have one thing in common – they are extremely satisfied concerning the amount of support and the standard of service they receive from Cain & Beer.

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Having a new and growing company, Stuart didn’t want to spend time away from his business trying to get to grips with the company’s tax and bookkeeping. Stuart wanted a bookkeeper that could give him time to grow his business as well as steer him in the right direction in his future accounts.


After initial contact with Stuart we realised straight away that we could help him in taking away his accounting stresses and give him back the time he so wanted, to nurture his business without being distracted. We had a very personal relationship with Stuart, speaking often, and were able to guide him in the right direction so that his future accounts and company tax issues would run smoother with as little time input from him as possible.

In Our Client’s Words

” As a new, small, family run battlefield touring company setting out in an industry that is very well covered by a lot larger companies, we needed to be different and constantly on the ball with new ideas and tours.

With this in mind, we needed to put all our time into making sure we are just that. Bookkeeping, tax returns, and keeping track of all our accounts in general was something we didn’t realise how much of our time would be taken up with, on top of trying to get our name out and recognised.

We needed a solution and we needed it fast, before we ended up taking to many steps backwards and failing before we had started. We needed an accounting company that left us to do what we did best and that we could trust to deal with everything HMRC related.

We looked at several “big named” companies to keep our accounts in line, yet all we ever felt like was just a number in their client list. We then came across Cain & Beer Ltd and within minutes something felt different. A meeting was arranged and unlike most meetings with bookkeepers or accountants, straight away we felt like we were someone, not just a number.

Cain & Beer offer a very personal feel to every email, telephone call or meeting, yet their service is above and beyond professional. We had a few teething problems setting up the accounts and financial side, we were all new to this side of business despite knowing where we wanted the company to go. Cain & Beer set this all straight in every aspect, we now know that each month we simply send in our paperwork and they do the rest.

Looking back to the early days, we know we would be nowhere near the positively growing company we are now without Cain & Beer. We also know that as we continue to grow, our relationship with Cain & Beer is as important now as it was then.

Cain & Beer are the accountants that every new company needs, and as you grow you realise that they are the only accountants you will ever need”

Stuart Baxter – Partner of Baxter’s Battlefield Tours LLP

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