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Bermondsey Bookkeeping Case Study: Costabell Limited

Costabell Qualification


Resli is a business and life coach and is extremely busy looking after the needs of her corporate and individual clients. She did not have time to keep on top of her paperwork and year end was becoming a stressful time as her accountants needed all her records to prepare her Company and Self-Assessment accounts and returns.

Bookkeeping was far from being one of Resli’s favourite pastimes, so she unfortunately let things to get out of hand and the paperwork was piling up.

With her accountant pressing her for her paperwork and the potential late filing penalties, Resli needed to take urgent actioned.

Resli did a search online and found Cain & Co and got in touch immediately, the rest is history as they say.



Paul met Resli to go through her situation and after a free consultation he and the team immediately got stuck into the work. Paul’s aim was not only to get the bookkeeping in order but to alleviate Resli’s woes and stress and restore some calm to the proceedings.

To Resli’s delight her bookkeeping was brought into order very quickly which enabled her accountants to prepare the accounts, get them signed off and then filed on time – No Penalties or Late Filing Fines and definitely no more stress!!

Each month Resli receives a 1-2-1 review of her figures explained with the accounting jargon so she understands how her business is performing without having to wait until the end of the year.

Costabell Limited are now set up with Xero and Hubdoc and their bookkeeping system and processes are fully automated. Invoices are scanned into Hubdoc and Account Manager Gemma gets to work to ensure the bookkeeping is completed efficiently and VAT returns are filed when due.

In Our Client’s Words:

Paul took my unholy financial mess and swiftly transformed it into a few neat and comprehensible spreadsheets initially. He said his goal is for him to find savings that are at least as great as the cost of his services – a highly worthy goal, in my mind! Paul truly enjoys his work, and it shows.

He would show up eager to dive into the heap of paper that I had accumulated, and he took obvious pleasure in whittling it down.

Also, important: if you are going to have a bookkeeper on-site, you had better be able feel comfortable with them. Paul’s very easy to be with. He is a diligent worker, so you will not get extended conversation as the meter ticks away (that is good!). But he is pleasant, easy going, and a pleasure to hang out with as he tidies away whatever godawful mess you may have.


Resli Costabell

of Costabell Limited, Bermondsey

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Bookkeeping and account management

By accurately recording your business’s ledger, up-to-date and efficient bookkeeping can transform the day-to-day running of your company. We can work remotely or can undertake your bookkeeping on site – this is another benefit of being local.

VAT returns

One of the most complex parts of financial management, missing or incorrectly filed VAT returns can result in penalties. A pressure point for many companies, let Cain & Co take the stress out of formalising and submitting your VAT return.

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Invoicing, reconciliation and credit control

For businesses cashflow management is key, invoicing promptly and being paid on time is invaluable as is ensuring that your company’s financial data is accurate – enabling you to make business decisions based on facts, not belief.

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Payroll and auto enrolment

If your business has employees, one or many, Cain & Co can manage your payroll including issuing pay slips and employers National Insurance submissions to HMRC. Within our service we can arrange the set up of pension schemes for your staff.

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Supporting your business

In addition to taking on your company’s financial management or bookkeeping services, Cain & Co also offers a range of services to help you take care of your own accounts. Our bookkeeping workshops are intimate and (we like to think) fun! You will leave the workshop with a clearer understanding of the records you are legally required to keep, where you can claim business expenses and how to maintain straightforward bookkeeping spreadsheets. You will also be given a range of templates to get started with.

Cain & Co can also set you up online accounting software such as Xero or Quickbooks and offer you tutorials in how to use these to benefit your business.

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