A question we get asked a lot by our clients is ‘How do we work?’ Our response is ‘How Would You Like Us to Work?’ I know we should not really answer a question with another question but when hiring a specialist bookkeeper, you want a service tailored to your needs, right?

It is important that you receive the service you would like to receive, rather than being told this is the service that you will receive.

Providing a service such as bookkeeping is more about removing a stress or a burden or just pure and simply giving you your time back. This can be time to spend with your friends and family, growing your business or even a few hours on the golf course. How you choose to use the time that you no longer spend on your bookkeeping is entirely up to you.

The purpose of this blog is to give you an idea of the steps of becoming a Cain & Co client and guiding you through the customer experience.

There are several ways you can contact us including by telephone, email, the contact boxes on our website or the ‘5 Questions’ on our home page.

The first thing we try to ascertain is what key benefit you will receive by us doing your bookkeeping:

  • Would you be relieved, with a massive weight lifted off your shoulders?
  • Would you be able to get a great night’s sleep again, without worrying?
  • Or is it just that you will have peace of mind knowing your bookkeeping is in safe hands?

Whatever the reason that made you get in touch is what is important to us, so that we ensure you receive the benefit you most want.

The bookkeeping side of things being done to a high standard is a given when contacting a bookkeeper with an ‘Institute of Certified Bookkeepers’ practice licence.

The next stage is to find out if we are the right fit for you; we are not for everyone as our blog ‘Who Our Services Are Not For!!’ explains. Assuming we are a perfect match for each other though, you would be walked through our various packages and prices.

No hidden costs or extras, what you see is what you get, you choose the package that is right for you, there’s always the chance you will catch us on a good day and we will throw in some extras for you too!!

So now we know what the biggest benefit to you is, which package would you prefer that best suits your needs. Do you want us to work remotely, or from your premises (post-COVID-19 restrictions, obviously) or would you like a mixture of them both.

Does your bookkeeping need to be completed daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly?  Our advice is that you should have your bookkeeping completed at least once a month, so you know how well your business is performing financially.

After you have told us the service you want, you will receive a letter of engagement and an expectations sheet, letting you know what you can expect from us but also what we expect from you, it is a 2-way relationship, right!

You will also receive our terms of business and a document explaining our commitments to ensuring your personal and business information is safe with us and conforms to the GDPR rules; oh yes and a link so that you can set up a direct debit as we would like to be paid obviously!!

That is it, once you are happy, we can begin working together, did we mention, your first month with us is completely FREE and that we also offer a full money back guarantee too?

No! well your first month with us is completely FREE and you also have the benefit of a money back guarantee.

To begin the process of eliminating your woes just get in touch by either calling us on 020 8087 1341, emailing or completing one of the contact forms or the questionnaire on our website