You may think this is strange to put on our website who are services are not for, but we believe that transparency is so important.

It also helps you in your decision as to who is right for you in your quest for a bookkeeping solution for you and your business.

There will be exceptions but, on most occasions, our fees will start at £299.00 plus VAT for the ‘Entry’ level package. If you only have a few transactions each month, quarter or year and the business has a low turnover, then paying £299.00 a month may seem a lot of money for you.

It is important that you get value for your money so our advice would be to seek a cheaper option; there are a lot of bookkeepers out there who only charge by the hour and would be more than happy to bill you for one or two hours a month or as and when needed.

Typically, our existing clients fall mainly into the ‘Full’ package with the remainder split across the ‘Premium’ and ‘Entry’ packages. To give you an idea of what package may be best for you please see the brief guide below:

Entry Package – £299

Typically, if your business has around 50 to 100 transactions a month including sales invoices, supplier invoices and bank and credit card transactions then this package is probably right for you. You will receive a full bookkeeping service and quarterly management reports as well as unlimited email support.

We may also throw in VAT returns, payroll for a couple of staff, Xero or QuickBooks and upgrade you to monthly reporting free of charge because we are nice like that!!

Full Package (Most Popular) – £449

This package is generally for businesses with up to 250 transactions a month but talk to us because we can sometimes help you at this level even if you have more. You get everything that you would receive in the ‘Entry’ option, but you will also receive full management reporting, help with your fixed asset register, debtor monitoring as well as advice on 5 key expenses. Here is the best bit, we will even throw in completion of your annual accounts to help your accountants.

If you are unsure what all that means do not worry, you are not alone and part of the service you will receive includes a full explanation without the jargon!!

As you are opting for this package it is only right that we treat you too, so on top of the extras you could get in the ‘Entry’ we could also help you a bit with your credit control, throw in an online quarterly 1-2-1 review for good measure.

Premium Package – £699

If your business is growing and you have a few members of staff and 300 or so transactions a month this package will be perfect for you.

Not only do you receive all the services as mentioned in the Full package, but you will be able to take advantage of enhanced credit control, helping you to get paid on time, weekly management reports and you can forget ‘quarterly online reviews, you will receive these monthly no questions asked!

If you need help choosing the right option for you then get in touch, we are very approachable you can call us on 020 8087 1341, email us on paul@cainandbeer.co.uk or book in a free no obligation consultation at a time to suit you by clicking the link below