Young boy learning to use online accounting software

We have talked a lot about online accounting systems and their benefits. They are no longer something that will ‘come in the future’ or something that only other businesses do, they are a very valuable tool that everyone will be using – if they are not already doing so. For a quick recap on what those benefits are, take a look at our previous article on the topic.

There is little use in moving to an online accounting system though if you don’t know how to use it or if you are not getting the full benefits from it for your business.  We take a look at how one-off and regular training can help you and your staff realise the full potential of such systems and keep your business running smoothly.

Why train your employees in accounting?

Particularly useful for small businesses, online accounting tools are easy to use as well as accessible and useful for all staff to be able to access. Instead of relying on a single person to manage all billing, ordering, and purchase order raising creating potential bottlenecks, what if anyone in the team or company could do that themselves? Even better, with easy-to-use online accounting tools, the process need not be complex or difficult. This frees up more specialised staff to manage the more complex processes, such as reconciling invoices with payments, making payments, and organising payroll.

Cross-training staff in other areas of the business also helps you to improve efficiency during busy times, holiday periods, or instances of staff illness. Things can continue to run smoothly during such times as staff pitch in to help without running the risk of doing things incorrectly, potentially creating more work down the road, or letting them pile up and risking taking much longer to catch up. By using the existing skills they have and taking into consideration any particular areas of interest they may have in terms of personal and professional development, you could be creating a team of people who can help each other out and ultimately benefit the business by keeping things on track during busy or difficult periods.

Many businesses run on a just-in-time basis or have to deal with numerous last minute orders. With trained staff able to handle any queries at any given time, the potential for lost business is minimised, while at the same time you are creating a reputation for a business that is responsive, agile, and able to deal with anything that comes its way.

Types of training

You need not fully train all staff in accounting or bookkeeping to reap the benefits. Consider the size of team you have and the likely demands on their time as the business develops or grows and determine whether it is best to offer training in particular areas – such as raising purchase orders or taking payments – or wider training for a smaller number of people in more specialised areas. This way you can also target your budget and training more effectively.

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