Why it pays to get help to set up a limited company - Cain and Co Ltd

You have been thinking about it for a while and you are now ready to take the plunge and get your own business going. Enough with working for others, it’s time to be your own boss. You have the idea, you have the funding (or financial backing), and you know exactly how you want things to work.

The first step is getting the business officially set up. This is where things can get a little uncertain if you have not done this before. There are a number of options available when setting up your own business and you need to be sure that you pick the right one for you and your circumstances. For many the best way is setting up a limited company. Suddenly what seems like a straightforward process can become a bit of a headache as you attempt to navigate your way through the mountains of paperwork that are required in order to get going.

At this point, getting a bit of expert advice and help could be the difference between getting it right and potentially getting it very wrong. You are also no doubt more than a little distracted with all the other administrative processes that go hand in hand with setting up and running a new business. So why bother trying to do it all when you can get some specialist help to set you up properly?

Using a professional to sort it out for you has a number of advantages:

They know how to navigate the system efficiently. Setting up a limited company requires completion of certain specific documents including articles of association and decisions on people with significant control in the business. You will also need to register your new company with Companies House, as well as do all the checks you need to do to ensure that your proposed company name is unique and available for use.

They add value. As well as giving you back precious time to do the things you do well as part of organising and running your business – i.e. finding new clients, servicing the ones you already have, organising suppliers, office space, promotional materials, etc. – they can advise on the order of when things need to be done to ensure that the process is smooth. With significant experience in doing precisely this for a number of businesses, they know what needs to be done and can advise accordingly so that you are not wasting your time trying to do things before they become necessary (or worse, missing something and having to go back a few steps).

They keep on top of things. As things become due they will either be able to get on with it on your behalf, or know when to come to you for your approval (where required). This allows you to keep your focus on all the other things going on in the set up and running of the new business.

A small investment in using professional services to set up your new limited business definitely makes good business sense. For advice and assistance Cain and Co are on the end of a phone or email to help you out – call us on 020 8087 1341 or email us at takecontrol@cainandco.co.uk – we’d be delighted to help.