Are we mad I hear you say!
No, we are just so confident in the service that you would receive, we would like you to try us out for yourself completely free of charge for a month. We will process up to 100* transactions for you and If you are not convinced at the end of the month, simply walk away, no questions asked.
Bookkeeping is an essential part of every business and it is vital that your accounting records are both accurate and up to date.
A lot of business owners that we speak to make one of the following statements:

  • “I do my own bookkeeping to save me money”.
  • “I just give my accountant all my paperwork at the end of the year”.

Let us face it, most business owners are not experienced in bookkeeping and ultimately when they do their own bookkeeping; they probably make several mistakes.
This will more likely end up costing them, not saving them money, as their accountant will have to undo their errors and charge them accordingly.
The other scenario of bagging up their bank statements and every receipt and invoice they have and giving it to their accountant will also not be a great way of working on several counts.
Firstly, their accountant will have to spend a lot of their time getting everything into order so they can then begin the pain staking task of preparing a set of accounts; this will not work out to be a cheap option either!
Secondly, the business owner will not know whether they have made a profit and will certainly not be prepared if there is a large tax bill to pay.
The other flaw with this system is that receipts can get lost, destroyed or even fade making them unusable as a business expense.
So, what are the options for a business owner in terms of their bookkeeping?
Well, there are several ways that business owners can benefit from having a reliable and efficient bookkeeper as follows:

  • They take away the burden of doing their bookkeeping; is that not a good enough reason on its own!!
  • A decent bookkeeper will ensure that the paperwork is dealt with at least quarterly, but ideally, monthly.
  • They will ensure that they are not late filing tax returns including VAT, PAYE, CIS, and annual returns, which would hopefully save money in accountants bills.
  • The business owner will know how they are performing financially and be able to make certain decisions based on this knowledge.
  • They will know how much they are spending on products and services and a bookkeeper should be able to offer cost cutting advice.

There are numerous other reasons why you should have a great bookkeeper, but hopefully this gives you an idea.
If you would like to take advantage of FREE Bookkeeping for a month; what will YOU Receive?

  • Set up in Xero or QuickBooks Software, usually costing £79.
  • Supplier invoices and receipts processed.
  • Sales invoices raised.
  • Bank and credit card accounts reconciled.
  • Payroll for up to 5 members of staff.
  • Detailed Management Reports.
  • A 1-2-1 review of your accounts explained without the jargon!

To take advantage of this no obligation, free offer please get in touch and if you are one of the first 3 to reply, you will also receive a Xero goodie bag and Cain & Co face mask too.
If you continue using our services after your free trial, we offer a Full Money Back Guarantee should you not be happy in the future, so you have nothing to lose.