Five Reasons To Choose A Certified Bookkeeper

Keeping on top of your bookkeeping is essential when running a business and knowing where you stand financially is key to your ongoing success. When considering whether to hire a certified bookkeeper or not the following 5 reasons may make your decision easier: –

  1. Saving Time

Running a business is time consuming and it can be quite hard fitting in everything that needs to be done including the bookkeeping. When business owners do their own bookkeeping it is probably left to the last minute, done late at night or at the weekend. The bookkeeping is also probably not up to a standard that an accountant can easily work with. Hiring a certified bookkeeper should ensure that the books are kept up to date and give the business owner time back.

  1. Saving Money

If a business owner lets their bookkeeping pile up and left to the last minute, they could incur late filing penalties. A certified bookkeeper can help a business owner stay up to date which in the long term could save them money. Systemised and accurate bookkeeping could also save money in accountant’s bills at the end of the year.

  1. Helping with Financial Management

A qualified bookkeeper should support a business owner throughout the year by not only keeping accurate records but also providing decent management reports. Management reports are a valuable tool for a business owner to stay in touch with their cash flow, identify areas where overheads could be reduced and make informed financial decisions.

  1. Organised Records

A qualified bookkeeper should organise the piles of paperwork into a structured and organised system. A business should always have a decent filing system with its sales and supplier invoices filed away in chronological and alphabetical order. The bank statements, month end reports and other business records including VAT, staff and payroll records should also be filed efficiently.

  1. Processing Expenses Claims

Quite often company owners and Directors will use their own cash or personal debit and credit cards to pay for business expenses. In a lot of instances these expenses get forgotten and don’t get claimed back through the business. A qualified bookkeeper will make sure that this doesn’t happen and will set up procedures to ensure that all claimable expenses are accounted for.

Not only is it a legal requirement for a business to keep accurate records but quite often it can be the difference between trading or going out of business.

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